CurrentProject: SlimNet Lite Browser

I am currently working an a lightweight, minimalist web browser for Windows. The browser is more so aimed at someone who is looking for something that is quick and simple and doesn’t use too much of the computer’s resources. SlimNet Lite only consists of one navigation bar which both allows the user to navigate the internet and also provides access to any of SlimNet Lite’s settings or screens.

SlimNet Lite does not support add-ons, extensions or themes, which prevents the browser from becoming sluggish and cluttered. Due to the single bar navigation the browsers web page viewing panel is maximised, providing more website content on screen.

This browser is ideal for anyone wanting to browse the internet in a single browser windows old fashioned kind of style. A particular good use for SlimNet would be netbook users as they are usually placed with a smaller screen and a lesser performance mass compared to desktop PC’s or laptops.

The browser comes equipped with suggested website pop ups so that navigation is fast. Leaving out functions like bookmarks, apps, and addons allow the browser to use as little resources as possible, and therefore running smoother on computers with a smaller performance index.

SlimNet Lite is produced using Visual Studio Basic and is free to use by anyone.

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