Name: David Bradburn
D.O.B: 1989
Degree: BSc Multimedia Computing @ University of Sunderland
Occupation: Test Analyst @ Accenture

People and colleagues who have taken the time to get to know me will know that I am a dedicated worker, and passionate about the work that I carry out. If I engage in a task, or job then I will endeavor to complete the task to the highest of my ability and to ensure the client is happy.

During my years in education, I have always made an effort to be on time, complete all work before the given deadlines, and give full attention to whatever task that I receive. During these years I built up strong communicational skills and I have kept building upon them since. I feel that I am a strong, reliant worker and have the ability and qualities to undertake the duties and responsibilities involved in the working environment.

When it comes to learning I pick up on tasks and how to do things very easily. Other workers have had trust and relied on me throughout my working jobs and have found me to be an easy partner to work with. I am a good timekeeper and enjoy meeting new people which allows me to be capable of individual and grouped work.

I enjoy learning new skills and have proven my ability to do so. If there is a particular skill which is required for a new role, then i will actively research and learn it.