Work in Progress [3D DESIGN]

While i’m looking for a job i have been creating some small pieces of work to keep me amused and to keep my portfolio updated.

I’m currently creating a 3D model of a Volkswagen Caddy MK1, which is a personal interest, but will also demonstrate the level of detail i can produce within 3Ds Max. Currently i have just started the design and there is still a large amount of work to complete.

I started with a blueprint of a VW Caddy:

Side Blueprint

Front Blueprint






Once i set the blueprint within 3Ds Max i then started modelling the body of the car starting with the driver side wing. Using plane-modelling i then extruded the wind outwards and altered the shape using polygon editing to mimic the shape of the blueprint. Similar techniques were used for the rest of the design including box-modelling.

The wheels are a custom design, half replicating retro style wheels but with a modern twist. Below are some of the latest screen shots which show the progress of the design.








Further updates to follow.


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