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Fund Raising and Charity work are a big deal to me. I enjoy helping others, and raising as much as i can to do so. Typically i try to do around 2 charitable events a year. Below is a list of events that i have taken part in:


Lead Volunteer – CV & Interview Workshop @ The Prince’s Trust
In this workshop, which focused around a range of people with mixed ages all struggling for employment, i took the role a Lead Volunteer. As the Volunteer Lead, i had to absorb all of the information packs which would be used on the day, and distribute roles amongst the other 3 volunteers.

The workshop went extremely well, and the class seemed to enjoy it and follow. I agreed to go back a few weeks later and take part in a charity fundraising day, hosted by the class in which we cycled the coast to coast (on static bikes) and climbed all day to reach a climbing milestone. The day was a huge success and got the whole class working together

Great North Run 2013 Contestant @ Mind
The MIND charity do their best to support any person that is struggling with mental health issues. I’m sure you all agree that mental health issues are a daunting illness and I certainly wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.

I do my best to raise money for as many different causes as possible. MIND is one that is particularly high on my list of charities that I would love to help out.

My Sponsor Page was:

Boxing Day Dip @ Prostate Cancer Foundation
Myself and a friend took part in the Seaburn Boxing Day Dip, which involves running into the sea on Boxing Day. Together we raised a good sum of money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation, and are more than keen to do this again.

Skydive @ Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease
A friends parent passed away after suffering from Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease. So we decided to take part in a Sponsored Skydive in aid of the Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease Research Foundation. The jump was a success and there were 4 jumpers overall. Together we raised over £1000.