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Getting Started with Salesforce Code Builder

Getting Started with Salesforce Code Builder

If you have not seen the Salesforce Code Builder yet, then where have you been?

The new application is a browser based application (based on VS Code) which can be installed into your Salesforce Org via the Appexchange. Due to the draw backs of the Developer Console, such as having no access to edit Lightning Web Components, and generally being out-dated, the Salesforce Code Builder is a very welcome piece of kit for on-the-go development and for easy IDE Access. 

The tool also allows for access to Code Builder with a wider range of devices. So long as you have access to a web browser, you can technically have access to a development environment that allows you to manage many aspects of your Salesforce Org, including LWCs!!

How do i get it?

Code Builder is installed like any other Appexchance Package. Simple head on over to the Appexchange listing and hit Get it Now.

Choose the environment you would like to install Code Builder into, then select for Admins only.

Once installed, you then need to assign the CodeBuilder Permission Set to all relevant users.

How do i access it?

Navigate to the Code Builder (Beta) App and choose Get Started. Enter your project details and follow the on-screen prompts. The first time you access a Code Builder Environment, it can take some time to initialise and set up.


As Code Builder is current in beta, and therefore it’s likely not going to be perfect and have all of the functionality expected.

There is currently a usage limit for the beta of 20 hours for a maximum of 30 days. Ensure that you save your work and close the browser tab whenever not in use, to prevent the counter ticking away at your 20 hour limit.

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