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Virtual Drummer Encyclopedia

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop. Flash, Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver
Languages / Skills Used: Image Editing, Action Script 3 (AS3), XML, PHP, HTML, CSS


The Virtual Drummer Encyclopedia (VDE), was created for a University module / subject. It is based on drummers and the history of the drum and the legends behind them.

The design of the application is vastly created using Adobe Photoshop and flash. Using AS3 I was able to load sounds into the application, trigger them under key press and mouse presses, set up the pages and user interaction.

Using XML and PHP I was able to integrate a feedback form into the flash application which enables users to leave feedback or a comment direct to my email account in regards to the application.

HTML and CSS were used for the placing of the flash application on to a webs page ready to be hosted on to the internet.


Below is a link to the live application:


Virtual Drummer Encyclopedia